Cigar Passion

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I'm a cigar enthusiast and expert, having worked for more than 10 years in Havana's cigar factories. I've participated in every Habano Festival in Cuba.
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We will meet in a cigar lounge in Havana and we'll learn in detail about the history of the world famous Cuban cigars.After buying a cigar of your preference(included in the price of the experience),we'll make a tasting step by step explaining the ritual of smoking Habanos. Let's enjoy a discussion about the production and different types of cigars with a Cuban expert.
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I'll book our table in advance.

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Guests under the age of 18 are not allowed.
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We will be at CUBAPASION Restaurant, on the corner of 27th and L St, next to the University of Havana, in Vedado neighborhood, and we'll make a tasting while we learn about this Cuban tradition.
Luis Alberto
Cigar Passion
Dihoskan oleh Luis Alberto
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