Easy homemade 3 main Vietnamese dishes

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Apa yang akan anda lakukan

* Feel free to contact me if:
- You want to make vegan / any different food that you like
- You want to skip the market / join the class at night time ^^

So I'm totally in love with cooking more than 10 years, and I teach lots of foreigners how to make Vietnamese food with passionate and enjoyment. You don't need to be a professional chef or a dextrous person, all you need is a big love with food and you always want to discover the Vietnamese gastronomy. And the rest - let me handle it for you! :D

We will go to a local market that is not very far from my place ^^ Then, learn how to bargain, pick the fresh ingredients, bring it back to my kitchen and we'll start our main mission!

* Bonus: My mom has a secret for making a great coffee, let me know if you want to learn that. I'm sure that you don't want to miss it :)

It has 2 options, you can choose only one menu that you would like to make:

MENU 1 - You can choose 2-3 dishes below

- Fresh / fried spring roll or Lotus / Cucumber / Pomelo salad
- Caramelized pork / chicken / fish or Coconut meat ball
- Stir-fried jicama / chayote / kohlrabi or Mixed vegetables with special caramelized sauce
- Papaya / winter melon soup

MENU 2 (only for group from 2 people) - You can choose one of these famous dishes

- Pho*
- Bun bo*
- Banh canh*
- Bo kho*
- Bun cha
- Banh xeo

* Some food in MENU 2 might need more than 3hrs to make
Other things to note
Let me know if you have desire to make any specific Vietnamese food, so I can prepare better a list of ingredients before we go to the market. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.
* Feel free to contact me if:
- You want to make vegan / any different food that you like
- You want to skip the market / join the class at night time ^^

So I'm totally in love with cooking more than 10 years, and I teach lots of foreigners how to make Vietnamese food with passionate and enjoyment. You don't need to be a professional chef or a dextrous person, all you need is a big love with food and you always want to discov…

Apa yang termasuk

  • Makanan
    - All dishes that we made.
    - Green bean cake.
  • Minuman
    Some of these drinks will be served as your request:
    - Black / milk /...
  • Pengangkutan
    * This one is not included in the experience *
    If you want me to pick...

Temui hos anda, Thuy

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I'm a translator and private teacher, I can speak both English and French, and I'm doing Airbnb homestay as well.

I stayed in Saigon since 2010. Living by my own, having my own place, and riding my own bike!

I'm interested in discovering the culture, language and gastronomy of each country. I also like to travel, make friends and listen to people's stories (because I'm a wonder-girl, yes, I am).
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Di mana anda akan berada

We'll go to a local market which is not very far from my place, you can find fresh & good ingredients with a reasonable price more than in Ben Thanh market. By the way, you can see the real Vietnamese market and experience a local life.

After that, we will go back to my apartment - where I do Airbnb as well - and start making food with me and maybe with other guests at my place :)

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Februari 2020
Thuy’s cooking lesson was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to learn how to make some really special dishes. We chose to make bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancake). She took us through her local market to purchase everything required for our dish, then to her home where we prepped and cooked. The prepping and cooking were very hands on, which is good practice for people like me who don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In the end, we ended up making some pretty decent bánh xèo. Overall, this tour was knowledgeable, fun, interactive, and it tasted delicious. I highly recommend!
Februari 2020
I had always wanted to know how to cook Pho, and Thuy did a great job showing me how to do it in a simple methodical way that was easy to remember (and hopefully to replicate when I get home). In addition, she was a gracious welcoming host who went out of her way to accommodate my schedule and my request to accompany her to the market to pickup the ingredients. Highly, highly recommended!!!
Januari 2020
We really enjoyed our afternoon at Thuy’s place! She’s very sweet and easy to talk with, we felt very taking cared of :) Really liked the local feeling and the neighborhood is very charming and cosy. Would recommend to everyone!!
Januari 2020
I really enjoyed this cooking class. We first met for coffee then went to the local market. Back at Thuy’s apartment we prepared the food in a very relaxed, easy going way. It was like learning to cook from a friend. Her kitchen is nice and there was a big table where we could prepare everything. Then at the end we enjoyed the food together. It was delicious. I feel like I learned some new things about Vietnamese cooking. I would recommend this cooking class.
Disember 2019
Being Vegetarian, Thuy catered the menu to acomódate the request. The trip to market was a fun experience. I appreciate the insight in the local cuisine and flavors.
November 2019
To be honest, this was my first Airbnb experience and it really fell short of expectations. The host was late to meet us initially. We went to the market and the host was amateur in hosting and tour guide. The experience was truly authentic In a neighborhood with a real market. During the market aspect our host did not engage us in the material selections or purchases and when we asked questions at times answered "I don't know." Though we started off Rocky, we were hopeful it would improve. When we got to the apartment, it was pretty hot and without AC but cute and comfortable furniture. We began by prepping the ingredients, peeling taro and ripping mint and morning Glory. Thuy began food prepping and the only instructions received were when we requested. It was not super engaging. There were moments when Thuy took personal calls, but we still were enjoying the process. Near the end when we had extended past the end point and food was not completed we noted that we had to leave soon and Thuy commented that she had to make all the food because we were not experienced and we're struggling. We were a little shocked to hear that as this was to be an instructional experience. We proceeded to begin eating the food and Thuy sat on the couch playing on her phone until we finished eating and left. It was an awkward ending and overall not the experience we hoped for. The food was delicious, but I think there is room for improvement in the hosting experience.

Pilihan diet

Jika diminta, hos boleh memenuhi keperluan diet yang disenaraikan. Anda mesti memberitahu hos sebelum pengalaman ini jika anda memerlukan penginapan.
Bebas gluten
Alahan kacang tanah
Tanpa soya
Alahan kerang-kerangan
Tiada kandungan susu
Alahan pelbagai kekacang
Alahan terhadap ikan
Tanpa telur

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Camera, phone or anything that you can take picture / video

You might need hat / sunglasses / suncream if we meet around noon