Drawing in the footsteps of Cezanne

Aix-en-Provence, Perancis

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2 jam, Dianjurkan dalam Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Perancis dan Bahasa Rusia
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In our classes we will draw the famous sights of Provence. Landscapes inspired by Cezanne - such as Mount St. Victoria All you need is the desire and the initial ability to draw. Within 2 hours we will make an excellent sketch - which will be the best souvenir from Provence.
Other things to note
Feel free to write if you do not see the desired date, time in the schedule or if you have other questions.

Apa yang termasuk

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    I give you watercolors, brushes and a sketchbook.

Temui hos anda, Kseniia

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I have an architectural education, as well as studied at the Art School. My professional drawing experience is about 10 years and I would like to share it with you.
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Di mana anda akan berada

We will draw a mountain of St. Victoria in the artists' park, or a manor in the green park of Saint-Miter. It depends on the meeting point marked on the map Airbnb.

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Oktober 2019
Vanessa was lovely and led a nice class. I was unable to meet in Cannes so Vanessa met me closer to where Iwas staying in Antibes (extremely thoughtful of her). I was the only one in the class so I had personalized attention. She was knowledgeable and helpful, and was focused on making sure I was doing everything correctly so I could get the most out of each move . I felt relaxed, flexible and was breathing better after the class !!
September 2019
Kseniia is a quiet but very talented artist who shares her passion and love for Cezanne and watercolor painting in an understated but very thoughtful and effective manner. Her class was very well thought out, gave us room to explore, yet guided us significantly and well.
September 2019
K is not quite ready to teach in English and needs a more assertive teaching style with a louder voice. I appreciated meeting directions and equipment supplied, specially a stool. Bring mosquito repellent.
Julai 2019
Kseniia is an excellent watercolor artist. She is patient and allows each individual student to move at their own pace. I came with an acrylic and oil background and struggled a bit, but with practice I’ll find my way. My husband was a rockstar. I was truly impressed. We highly recommend Kseniia. Best part of our trip so far!
Julai 2019
Kisenia created a relaxing, community oriented class! Great way to end the day. She was very nice and offered tips along the way.
Julai 2019
lgreat relaxing painting session in Cezanne's favorite spot. We were able to channel the spirit of Cezanne in our paintings. I painted 3! Highly recommended.

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Mana-mana pengalaman boleh dibatalkan dan dibayar balik sepenuhnya dalam masa 24 jam selepas pembelian, atau sekurang-kurangnya 7 hari sebelum pengalaman bermula.

Syarat-syarat tetamu

Sehingga 5 tetamu yang berumur 14 ke atas boleh hadir.

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Comfortable clothes, a bottle of water, a hat, any drawing tools that you would like to additionally