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You are up to immerse yourself into our Oasis where nature, healthy life style and tranquility reign. A break to boost inner energy and peace for your Mind,Body&Soul. You can experience Eco living, Javanese traditions and culture.
Jiwa Laut is a sustainable extended family empowering local villagers through projects and activities guests can support.
Our purpose of hosting is to go beyond the standards of hospitality to able you exploring our area, meet locals and leave you lasting memories.

This Twin Eco Limasan II is our smallest, most "rustic" budget bungalow.

The concept was to build a more simple Limasan House by local villagers inspired by their traditional building knowledge and their more modern and eco sustainable work with our architect on the first Joglo Villa and Balai buildings, Yu Sing of Akanoma from Bandung.

It was built using only local material, acacia wood and bamboo from sustainable plantation.

We collect rain water from the roof into a big water tank located under the house inside the building fondations.

We treat through a natural system your gray water into a fish pound and last but not least your toilet output will produce biogaz and great fertilizer to grow organic vegetable and fruits to the future guests.

The difference with the other one is that it face West with a bit of narrower view, smaller tinier room and limited balcony space, less stylish with fewer furniture and one smaller mosquito net.
We have an hammock hanging on the balcony for relaxing and enjoying the view though.

This booking is for one of the twin bungalow only. Maximum 2 people.

Recommended for backpackers couples, friends or solo, travelling on a budget but still looking for sustainability and green life style which low cost business usually put aside.

For families or groups of friends you can book the other twin bungalow next door as the bungalows can communicate each other from a door we can give you the access.
Your children or friends can have their own bungalow and privacy and their own bathroom too.

Don’t hesitate to send us a request to book both as depending on the season we may offer some discount on booking both together.

We also rent out for honeymooners/couples our Deluxe "Omah Bamboo" Honeymoon bungalow, or our Rumah Bukit “Jungle House” for 2-4.
We also rent for small groups or families up to 8 people our traditional Joglo family house.

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Lokasi anda

Kemadang, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul Regency,, Daerah Khas Yogyakarta, Indonesia

1) The pristine white sandy beach of Watu Kodok (cleanest beach around). About 100 walking meters away with one of the best sunrise and sunset on the sea (2 hills tops look out surrounding the beach and some other nearby on a short hike like Kosakora, Kukup, Drini). The beach is open to the Indian Ocean and its waves. For good swimmers only.

We can introduce you with the location of our swimming "lagoon" away from the crowd where you can swim and snorkel safely when the tide is right.

2) We are passionate and love meditation. If you want to learn or practice meditation you are at the right place. We can help you with different technics.

3) Exclusive, we can bring you for a local life "Javanese" experience, at our traditional farmer village community, just a couple of KM inland. It is a non touristic total immersion and the level of positive energy and experience reward that you will bring back home depends on you and how you will open yourself to the people and let it go during the activities.

You can trek to the village through Bamboo forest (about 2 hours) or we can drive you there with local farmer pick up traditional truck.

We have 3 activities: The first one, the most adventurous you will be able to descend a non touristic adventurous karstic cave « Jurassic world » hole of about with safe ropes.

Explore (speleology style) an underground horizontal holy pre-islam karstic (stalagmite/stalactite) Javanese last Hindu King Bramijaya V, meditating cave. We can even guide you for a deep Kejawen meditation experience there. It is still a bit adventurous and you may have to deal with your own fears if you have any.
After that you may enjoy a local traditional dinner and drinks at one of the villagers house and sharing their life at the edge of the modern and ancient world.
We will end this experience with a gamelan evening workshop with the local village band where we will all play together traditional Javanese partition inspired from Ramayana stories.

4) we can bring you also to traditional local ceremonies if there is any at the time you are here. Mostly during the month after Ramadan, Equinox, full moons and Javanese New Year.
Some are supra natural experience of trance dance like Jatilan or Rasulan (cleansing) or just traditions or religious like end of Ramadan, reading Quran, wedding, circumsision and any party, concert music gamelan etc... which are all part of traditional javanese life, if there are any at the time of your stay.

5) We can offer you a day, non touristy tour, to the traditional batik woven on textile village or to the batik wood (masks) handicrafts workshop village for learning/try and/or shopping for cheaper than in Yogya (both about more than 1 hour drive east or west of our place).

6) We can organise your trip to explore the most famous and touristic Jomblang cave and Kalisuci tube caving river adventure.

7) We can book traditional massage (acupressure) from our local healer crew member and deep meditation cave master.

8) You can spot pilot whales around Juanly/October just cruising behind the breaking waves at our beach.

9) We can offer you a drive you to visit the true permaculture pioneers of Indonesia at Bumulangit community (about an hour drive) and their unique farm with spiritual philosophical knowledge and their restaurant with amazing healthy organic food you can buy.

10) We are central located to the more touristic famous Gunungkidul beaches like:

- Drini beach with traditional fishermen and fresh sea foods restaurants, kayak rental (within walking distance)
-Sanglen and its natural jacuzzi pool at low tide and beautiful sunrise spot next to our beach (within walking distance)
- Ngobaran Hindu, Buddhist, Islam and Kejawen temples with possibility to attend some ceremony, and on the way the holy Goa Santa Maria (Cave) etc... (about half our scooter distance).
-Krakal best beach around for surfing and bodyboarding about 15 minutes by scooters (Ripcurl Java Gromsearch 2015)
- Kukup for the sunsets and the small rock island and the only place where you can enjoy a cold beer around. (10 minutes scooter)
-Many nice beaches and bays near by to be explored like Timang, Slili, Jogan, Ngobaran, Ngandong, Siung, Kukup, Wediombo, Ngrumput etc to name a few
-Water fall of Sri Gethuk

11) Nglanggeran ancient volcano and Geopark and karst museum

12) Many trekking possibilities around the hills, beaches and bays of Gunung Kidul. Walking trails around rice fields and forest behind the hill. The farmers may show you how they farm in a still traditional way.

13) We can bring you for a day trip to Prambanan temples or to Merapy volcano trip (all about 2-3 hours drive from our place).

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The easiest visual way to understand better Jiwa Laut life check and follow our life on In sta gram @jiwalaut We are a small family community registered as Non Profit status organisation (LSM). We were founded by local City Yogyanese explorers and eco social futuristic minded people. We were looking to go back to nature and live a simpler more meaningful life away from the stress and pollution of city life. We teamed up together with some local villagers who believed in our run against the mainstream tide project and wanted to be able to stay in this region with a fair income and avoid to have to move to city to get unhealthy job and life style. We want with the local community of villagers through hospitality share our local natural beauty, javanese culture and tradition still very alive, our sustainable eco healthy life style and all we did learn by leaving the city to live here to the world. In return we expect you give back and share with local community here by enjoying what they love to offer to visitors and help finance our community projects through our association which without you, wouldn't be able to run any empowerment and eco projects. Our hospitality vision means: -Offer a stay like a home away from home - Personal, javanese village like hospitality. - Offer to guest the possibility to enjoy a stay in a natural, still unspoiled environment, - Try the sustainable life as much as the earth can provide but with the real needed comfort and infrastructure to host guests, away from city, over facilities and consumerism life style. - Providing a place for Javanese cultural understanding. - We are Socially and environmentally responsible fare trade operator. Which means travelling on budget doesn't mean exploiting the local people. We like to promote projects such as empowering local communities with use of eco material such as bamboo, ecobricks (from guests and beach collecting trash), support local farmer buying their organic or natural products over market price, fare share sustainable responsible tourism involving communities with guests supporting the people, their activities and projects, support villagers woman cooking simple healthy local meals, wooden workshop furnitures, post harvest processing mocaf flour and coconut oil, local handicraftmen etc..
The easiest visual way to understand better Jiwa Laut life check and follow our life on In sta gram @jiwalaut We are a small family community registered as Non Profit status organi…

Semasa penginapan anda

We are not business hotel professional as we come from different fields. Our primary activity is to run our projects and experiments.

We try to give the best hospitality from our deep heart to our guests, like hosting family or friends to make our place different from a resort. Our interaction with guests is up to our guests willing to have any with us and our extended community family and of course depends on our presence and availability with our program schedule.

If you want to be sure to meet the Host and Founder of Jiwa Laut, book and ask in advance, so she can adjust her busy planning. We all have side activities to support ourself. At least there is always someone present on site 24h, however some of us have very very limited english.

Of course we are willing to share with you our natural surrounding environment, knowledge, philosophy and spirituality and alternative way of life avoiding plastic and high consumerism city life style, close to nature.

We can introduce you to local traditions and people living around us. We are willing to show and offer you experiences, activities and bringing you around if you want to. This way your money spent during activities will be shared to our extended communities and used to finance projects. Which is the reason why we opened our Community to Airbnb.

You will never feel bored even if you are on your own.

We work as a collective mix of city and local people wanting to change to a more healthy happy lifestyle or for the others maintain their traditional life style away from the lucre of modern city life.

Here it is Woman Power as the 2 women of the group are the real decisions makers ;-)

The founder is Ira a local eco social entrepreneur woman from Jogja born in Papua. She can share her nutrition knowledge about healthy life style, local interior design and furniture, her passion about Javanese culture and spirituality, deep meditation and metaphysic, and her love for nature, ocean, animals and sharing with others.

Her husband also living here, is from the alps mountains. Abandoned skis, his passion for avant guard electronic music and his corporate job to retreat to a more stressless, sustainable life. Dedicating himself as the house man, helping, empowering people in needs and protect nature and animals.
Having one of his background in coaching, psychology and mindfulness meditation. Don't hesitate to ask him for advise if needed.

We have our “chef” and “homebody”, who will make you feel homey and cook for you home made tasty healthy meals. She likes to take care of children, so yours will adopt her very quickly. You can learn a lot from her from local cooking and more. She often get the help of her young sister which is also our trainee.

We have our “jack of all trades” who can fix almost everything to make us able to survive into the “wild”. He is also our driver and guide available for pick up/drop off and bringing people around.
He is also the local Javanese man who open the doors to local communities and people, where you will never be able to enter on your own and allow you to enjoy special local activities and experiences.

Last but not least we have our local healer/massage man, specialist of Javanese culture and language, by passion a deep meditation in cave expert and by the side our guide man to the holy caves and surrounding.
He will do is best to fix any unbalanced and stress, avoiding your energy flow properly inside your body.
Applying hundred of years acupressure local traditions technics from level 1 to level 5 of strong pressure. Nobody ever got over 3, ready to give a go and break to number 4 level?

And then we have all the villagers living some km away, coming for the day farming, fishing or working at the beach warungs.
We are not business hotel professional as we come from different fields. Our primary activity is to run our projects and experiments.

We try to give the best hospitality…

Jiwa Laut ialah seorang Superhost

Superhost merupakan hos yang berpengalaman dan mendapat penarafan tinggi, yang komited ke arah menyediakan penginapan yang hebat untuk tetamu.
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