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Dar kamal Chaoui

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“Amazing experience! A must visit In Fez region!
Staying at Kamal's guesthouse is one of the best experiences I had in my time in Fez. He picked us up from Fez in the m

“Beautiful Bhalil. Beautiful People and truly unforgettable stay.. More than 5 stars and more like family!!”
a published TripAdvisor review,
My partner and I spent a few weeks traveling Morocco in October 2015. Although never written a TripAdvisor review before this place and the people, deserves to be noticed!

After spending a week driving through the desert to Merzouga and up to Fes (with terrible food poisoning) we were absolutely exhausted, physically and mentally. Dar Kamal Chaoui was meant to be a quick stop off for a few days to catch our breath before heading up to Chefchaouen. But oh my, what an unexpected surprise!! It turned out to be the absolute highlight of our ENTIRE trip, we didn't want to leave!!

Firstly, the people: Kamal, Naima. Some of the nicest you will come across. Kamal, and his wealth of wisdom, never ceased to entertain and amaze us. Politics, education, history, food, he's a well traveled and truly inspiring man and we never stopped laughing the whole time we were there. Naima, so so sweet and lovely. More of a friend than just an amazing cook and host, she works tirelessly to keep the place running and makes you feel right at home. Nothing is too much trouble! And, when she heard we got scammed by the Henna women in Marrakesh, she even did Henna for us and the other guests!

Secondly: The Guest house. Lovely views and terrace. Beautiful carpentry and decor (all sourced from the local woodworker, Latif). Best sleep and shower we'd had in a while. The water is so fresh here you can drink from the tap... No problems! And the food, wow. We had breakfasts and dinners here. There was another French family staying there at the time, and we all sat and ate together. The food is so fresh, and Naima cooks more than is needed and all the extras / leftovers is given to the Neighboring villagers!

Bhalil: What a charming, authentic and happy village, (30mins outside Fes), known for it's cave dwellings and djellaba buttons. We did the village tour and visited a local cave family with Kamal and it's worth it. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to the trek around the hills. With little tourism, you won't get hassled here. You won't get scammed, It's just happy people going about their day to day lives. Kamal and Naima are definitely local heroes in their community. Since Kamal moved to Bhalil he's been cleaning up the streets to create a better environment for the villagers. He's encouraged them to paint their houses, so it's to him the delightfully colourful appearance of the streets is owed. In addition, he also takes the time to teach the locals English!

As for the day trips, we were driven into Fes, where Kamal drove us around the outskirts teaching us the history and the sites before sending us in, then came and picked us up, after which we went and watched a lovely gig from the international school of music. He also helped us organize our hotel in Chefchaouen, came to the station to help us buy our tickets, and even called to see if we got there okay!

- Thank you, for the amazing experience and taking such good care of us Naima and Kamal (our Moroccan mother & Father!). We will be back to catch up and explore the area further.

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All the house is yours, we have 4 confortable rooms, each room has it own bathroom or shower room, each room cost 70€, the terrasse has a wonderful view.

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This is Kamal here, Manager of Dar Kamal Chaoui in Bhalil, I'll be very happy to tell you about my Morocco,
Naima our Cook, our carpenter Latef & I will be glad to host you in our Guesthouse in Bhalil,
4 rooms, each cost 70€

Who I am?
I'm Moroccan, I lived and brought up in Fez during the first 18 years of my live,
then I finished my University studies in France & worked as a chemical Analyst Engineer with Hewlett-Packard 9 years in France and 10 years in Germany. In total I spent 29 years living abroad Morocco.
My success secret is simple, we host very small groups, Latef the carpenter, Naima our Cook & I do all by our own.
We would take care of you from the Airport and show you the hidden Morocco far from touristic path! filled with History references & Rural landscapes.
Naima our Berber cook will prepare delicious self made marmelade Yoghourts and Tajines.etc etc etc .........
My European eyes, my spoken French English German Arabic languages, My deep Moroccan history & society knowledge, is your guarantee for nice memories to bring back with you.

Bhalil is located 24 km south of Fez with no jam access to the Airport.

Directions to our Guest house once you are in the village Bhalil:
Or this format :
West 4 52 308
I herewith my (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) map, please check the link here to understand how to find us in Bhalil

How to find us :
If you come by your own, not with our pick up service car, you would need directions,
The best is to wait for us at the petrol station, the only one petrol station at the entrance of Bhalil called Petrofine !
See us in (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) map, we have made the effort to be seen in (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) map
Call us from the petrol station there, and I would come and show you the way to our House.
It is difficult to find our Guesthouse in Bhalil, and some nice people may ask to guide you for money.
So to avoid that, the best is to call us from the Petrol Station and also to tell us when you are expecting to be in Bhalil.
or to find this big sign on the Bhalil main street : (URL HIDDEN)

What is your planning in Fez and region?

Be aware that we do propose several services and would be delighted to make customized plan for you including pickup service rent a car, excursions to Meknes, Volubilis, Cedar forest, Boulemane & Tazzeka National Park.
I'm able to customize & organize it all, tell me where you want to go...what are you interests, I can take care of all and make a cost estimation for you.
One of my favorite Excursion, is the one that makes us feel alone far from other tourists, sharing the normal life of Berber people, maybe you should consider a day trek with me in the Bhalil Mountains.

Pick-up Service:
We do have a pick-up service from the airport and from Rail way station for 400dh, our Pickup service would come and Pick you up. my added value campared to a unknown Taxi Driver is are all the stops you can make and all the on spot explanations I would give you in English French or German !
4 or in some case 6 people max at a time can fit in our pickup service.
Pickup can be organized from Rabat 1870Dh Casablanca 3300Dh Tanger 3300Dh Chefchaouen 3850Dh or Meknes 1320Dh or Elswhere, please ask.

Bhalil village tour Cost : 275 Dirhams (DH) per person if less than 4, 140 Dh per person for above 4 persons
The tour in the village is a 2 hours tour,
I'm the one who is making the tour, I'm not giving this task to somebody else, I'm passionate about my culture and I want my guests to have the most of it ! I'll be happy to give all the explanations in French or English,
I will give all the historical stories, explain the way my people in the village are making their living, entering a tailor shop and talking about the djellaba buttons, about the agriculture and Olive trees in my region, we will visit some caves and will have a nice cup of tea with the dwellings owners if the opportunity happend.
We will also head to the main place of the village and see the water spring and the washing place where the women are washing their cloths, carpet wool and flour !

Please read this one testimonial among others :
We were fascinated by kamal’s ingenuity in the heating system at his Guesthouse in Bhalil, and fascinated by his commitment to bring economy by his project of painting and plastic bag from streets removing, he is using ‘all wood’ in the fixtures and fitting. He has a lovely carpenter who is a treasure himself and who made us some home made Moroccan paint brushes with goat’s hair. I came home not only having discovered the amazingness of Morocco but thankful to have met such charming and gracious hosts.

Would you like to have dinner with us? 180 dh for a 3 course meal,
I need your answer please
Our Chef Naïma is appreciated by our Guests,
a 3 course meal would cost 180Dh per person, it contains a starter, a main dish (Tajine) and usually a French Dessert,
Please read about Naïma our chef, in TripAdvisor, section Guesthouse in Bhalil.
for lunch and only for lunch, we can prepare a light lunch including only a 2 course meal, for 130Dh per person,

“Charming Guesthouse close to Fez, Sefrou and airport”
Wonderful property, great views, amazing food AND we were made so welcome. Had a superb and relaxing dinner with the family. Our stay formed the most precious, authentic memory of our full tour of Morocco and we cannot recommend this guesthouse enough.
5 5 étoiles

Would you like to have a cooking lesson with Naima & I, 330 Dh per person ?
Our Chef Naïma is always very happy to share her secrets and Moroccan flavours, I will be assisting her to translate all what she is preparing in front of your eyes, ask for more details....

Room at our Guesthouse Dar Kamal Chaoui in Bhalil
The room for one or 2 people is 660Dh per room per night, for room Beatrice Sophia or Adil,
Room Adam, the smallest, is 550 Dh per night,
this is including breakfast but not including 27 Dh city Tax per person, per night
Our Charming house located inside the village is a great opportunity to learn a lot about our neighbours live and to enjoy the simple comfort we have prepared for our Guests. In winter the house is heated by firing wood.
To learn more : (URL HIDDEN)
“A Gem in Bhalil”
Dar Kamal Chaoui is a charming and beautifully decorated guesthouse in Bhalil. Each room is distinctly different and comfortable. Kamal is a fantastic host and the food is really delicious and abundant. I would strongly recommend stopping here on the way to Fez and spend a night or two discovering the beauty and uniqueness of Bhalil. You won't be disappointed.
5 5 étoiles
How to make a deposit :
to make a secure reservation we ask our Guests to make a deposit to our French Bank account, the amount we ask for is 50% of the Total lodging,
please use the attached file with our french Bank details :

More excursions with Kamal :
Choose a lecturer before choosing an excursion !
1/ Guigou Souk on Sundays, including my car & me as a lecturer,
I'm taking Guests with me to Guigou, a berber village located 80 km south of Fez, this excursion is only possible on Sundays,
Guigou is 1500 meters high compared to Bhalil our village which is already 950 meter high.
During the drive, we make two interesting stops, one is about Traditional ovens for Ancestral lime stone productions where you will get a good technical level of information, then a 2nd stop for the onion production & storage !

Once we will be at the Guigou place, we will walk inside the souk and spend one hour & half inside it, people from Guigou are Berbers, they speak their language and sell their own production, what an authentic place where more likely we will be the only tourists !
for lunch we will join Naima's family for a nice couscous including dessert and Tea that would cost 165Dh per person, where you will get the chance to know a berber family, listen to their musicians ( 165Dh extra per person ) and learn how they are making their living !

2/ Cedar forest & the lakes road every day specially on Tuesdays: same story for the Tazzeka National Park
including my car, me as a driver & as an English speaking lecturer.
This Excursion is a nature mountains Cedar forest one, we will spend an nice day driving with several stops, see the monkeys ( do not feed them) we can also plan a short walk in the forest, we will cross Immouzzer and make a stop at the medicinal spices and Apples,
we will see 2 beautiful lakes and talk to the people, meet them when It can happend, undestand their way of living, make a stop each time, we will make a short stop by Ifrane the cleanest city in Morocco, as if we would have been in Switzerland.

3/ For adventurers, A trek of 28 km between Bhalil and Immouzzer via mountains,
We would walk 7 to 8 hours in a very easy walking plateau, then in a nice forest, then climb from 950m to 1683m Jbel Abbad,
The landscape is amazing ! and the discussions about my Moroccan culture are well appreciated.
Including a sandwitch and a taxi back from Immouzzer to Bhalil.
There no comparable trek such as this one with Kamal
Kamal provided an exceptional experience not only because of his hospitality and personal attention, but also because of the time he was willing to invest in planning all of the logistical details based on the sites we wanted to see. He is passionate about his country and its history and takes great pride in sharing its beauty.


4/ A day in Sefrou and the Unknown cascade in the afternoon
Visiting Sefrou, including my car and me as a driver & as an English speaking lecturer.
Join me in Sefrou to understand the Jews-Berber Common past, we will look for the Jews traces in Sefrou, visit a Synagogue, a Caravanserail, a small and nice Medina, we will hardly meet tourists and will have lunch inside the Medina for 130 Dh per person,
then during the afternoon and for 110 Dh more : we will visit and easy climb a small fertile Land, 12 km far from Sefrou, and easy walk to the Unknown Cascades which no Tourist knows.

5/ last but not least, the Fez Medina Introduction and self guiding tour:
Take one hour to hear about the Medina history, learn about what are the must to visit, how and why to visit the best places depending on your visit's time. After my speech, you can surf by your self without any guide's help inside the most big & complex open sky Museum or Medieval city in the world.

Imagine you can make the Medina tour without the help of anyone !
110Dh /person / hour for this creative & informative training of one hour or more.
To maximize the benefit of this training, send me your questions a head !

Kamal Chaoui


Kamal Kamal Chaoui (URL HIDDEN)
Dar Kamal Chaoui : (URL HIDDEN)
Excursions Dar Kamal Chaoui : (URL HIDDEN)

Have a look at my Videos : (URL HIDDEN)
Read Press Articles : (URL HIDDEN)

Press article by Daniela Frendo : (URL HIDDEN)
Press article by the View of Fez : (URL HIDDEN)
press article by Jannah in French : (URL HIDDEN)
a 2nd press article by Jannah in French : (URL HIDDEN)
“Amazing experience! A must visit In Fez region!
Staying at Kamal's guesthouse is one of the best experiences I had in my time in Fez. He picked us up from Fez in the m

“Beautiful Bhalil. Beautiful People and truly unforgettable stay.. More than 5 stars and more like family!!”
a published TripAdvisor review,
My partner and I spent a few weeks traveling Morocco in October 20…

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Bhalil, Fes-Boulemane, Maghribi

what is unique is the fact that our Guesthouse is located in a village, we have 500 caves in this village among them we have 100 dwellings !
take a tour in the village with me and you will learn a lot about all the features of our village :
Wonderful Stay in Bhalil”
5 5 étoilesAvis écrit le 26 janvier 2016

Dar KamalChaoui was a wonderful place to stay... Naima welcomed us in the hotel which is a very cozy house: tidy, clean, warm & it has a beautiful rooftop terrace with amazing views of Bhalil.
Naime served us a huge and tasty breakfast. We fell inlove with the place and with Naima :)
It is really worth to visit Bhalil to meet charming and welcoming people... The town is beautiful and if you want to see the reality of Morocco and avoid really crowded and touristic places, Bhalil is a perfect option.
Definitelty if we go back to Morocco, we will be back in Bhalil and stay in Dar KamalChaoui.
what is unique is the fact that our Guesthouse is located in a village, we have 500 caves in this village among them we have 100 dwellings !
take a tour in the village with me and you will learn a lot abou…

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Menyertai sejak Ogos 2010
  • 6 Ulasan
it is not easy to talk about my self, the best is to leave others giving you their feed-backs, I have randomly selected a review out of 445 in TripAdvisor (Website hidden by Airbnb) Title : Beautiful colourful people and places near fez The first time I’ve met Kamal was during a lecture on Jewish history in Fez. He was well versed in a number of languages, and passionate about Moroccan history, he is also a lecturer and a good guide, My purpose for being in Morocco was to do an art project on migration and culture studies. Part of this was photographing and talking to Berber people. In Morocco culture, it’s almost impossible to work with women especial as a foreign man. Kamal was very supportive and encouraging, he helped by finding models and allowing me to use his lovely guesthouse as a studio. On another occasion, Kamal brought Berber women to my studio in near town of Sefrou to be photographed. This was the beginning of me understanding Kamal’s generosity as well as his support of arts and culture. Next kamal took me to meet local carpenter called Latef who was an amazing artist in close by cave. Lated the Artist carpenter is working 80% of his time for kamal's Guesthouse, this artist is adding his art to every single wall of the Guesthouse, photograph, and on the walls outside the Guesthouse, painting the streets to with the idea of creating a street art ! that is adding an authentic touch to the beauty and harmony of this village ! kamal would translate for me talk to local people so they were more open to telling stories and chatting with me via me via kamal. Then whenever we had dinner, whatever was left would be given to a local family who couldn’t afford to eat in the same way. giving his food that had never been touched, food from the central tajine pot that no Guest touched with his hands of mouth, every guest is helped by Naima with a big spoon, so the food was always Hygienic and what left over is immediately giving to the neighbors. Kamal also had a great love for the music of all kind which I appreciated. He gave me new artists to listen to which we’re all amazing. Try Oum Keltoum, abd al halim hafed or BB king, Price or Xavier Naidoo !!!! you would love it Next, I’ll move on to Naima, what a woman. She was the light of my whole trip. Although she didn’t speak much English, we spoke via sign language and different forms of facial gestures. Naima make’s every dish with love of all of Morocco. She all has a smile that can light up a room. Her dishes we’re beyond the world. She was also modest and respectful and helpful. She also helped me out with my project and was always willing to help in any way she could. Which could be holding a reflector or helping me with bags. Naima brought up to be dedicated helping others ! I woke up to an amazing sunrise and amazing breakfast on the roof top, where you can see the beautiful city of Bhalil, so many vibrant colors.
it is not easy to talk about my self, the best is to leave others giving you their feed-backs, I have randomly selected a review out of 445 in TripAdvisor (Website hidden by Airbnb…
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“Amazing experience! A must visit In Fez region! ”

Staying at Kamal's guesthouse is one of the best experiences I had in my time in Fez. He picked us up from Fez in the morning and drove to Bahlil. He was telling us the history of Fez and history of different buildings along the way. Very interesting. The guesthouse was tastefully decorated with handcrafted wooden furniture and artwork by their carpenter Latef. Kamal led us for a 13km trek in the mountain and we had a lovely BBQ with a local Berber family. It was so nice to spend time with them and get a better understanding of how local people live. But I have to say the highlight of the whole trip for me was the breakfast next morning. Naima, a young Berber woman, who's the chef for the house, served us freshly made pancakes with three different types of homemade jams. And also homemade yogurt!! The combo of the fig jam and yogurt is heavenly!!! It's worth going just for that.
A wonderful experience and a must in Fez region.
“Amazing experience! A must visit In Fez region! ”

Staying at Kamal's guesthouse is one of the best experiences I had in my time in Fez. He picked us up from Fez in the…
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