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You are going to LOVE staying at The Memphis R&R House Hostel because it the BEST VALUE in Memphis! We are great for those on a budget.

The Hostel is like a self-serve hotel. We take a hands-off approach to hosting so you and your group can feel like the place is really yours.

All beds are queen sized, except for the Dorm Room bunk beds (x4) which are twin, and we have key code entry for your convenience. We also have the fastest internet in town!

The R&R Houses are in the business of saving. We save old houses, we save old furniture, and we save our guest money. (yes, the mattresses are new) There’s too much stuff in the world. Recycling is nice, but reducing and reusing are the true pillars of a sustainable society, as it requires a change of mindset. By staying at one of our houses, you are standing up the ‘more is better’ ideology we’ve all been sold. R&R Houses are comfortable, but modest. Mostly clean, but mostly minimal. They are largely self-serve and run remotely, which helps us aggregate our resources. Any art or decor at an R&R House has likely been salvaged from some old thrift shop; or bargained over at some clandestine estate sale. All these items, like the houses themselves, have a history and place in time. They have a unique story only they know. A society that would toss them away because they’ve lost fashion, is hardly a society at all. Does a house not still give shelter? Does a lamp not still give light? And do we not now live in a world that desperately needs light?! We also have free fruit, oatmeal, coffee and tea. How many trees must be uprooted to build another Hotel? Airbnb started started the housing and travel revolution, we are honored to play our role as a low cost lodging option.

Just as we humans are all unique, each R&R House is too. Our houses consider themselves yogis, and are always in a state of self-improvement. We appreciate your patience. We appreciate how we can get better, so please share your thoughts. All are welcome, and prices that are welcoming. No one is a stranger. Just as no houses are ugly. We would be honored if you call R&R your home, if only for a night.

Rest, Relax,
Reduce, Reuse

Save your money for losing yourself in Memphis by staying at our modest home for travelers. We have everything you'll need to rest easy without sacrificing all that hard-earned dough.
Our goal at R&R House is to provide the budget conscious with a hot shower, a comfortable bed, all while trying to reduce our eco-footprint. After all, our Rs stand for Reduce and Reuse.

We know the world is home to us all, but while you're in town, we would love to make R&R House the next line on your address.

We have carved out an individual space from our hostel just for you. Our house is older, wiser, and carries a little more character than most, but that only makes it cozier. We have filled the interior with salvaged furniture and decor to help dispel the old adage that "new is better" and to push for a more sustainable future for hospitality. The R&R House consists of five private rooms, a dorm room, a sun room, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a comfortable living room.

We take a hands-off approach to hosting so you and your group can feel like the place is really yours.

This listing is for a single dorm bed inside of a 2 dorm bed sunroom. Such a great deal on a clean & comfy bed is definitely worth making a few new friends!

Please note that this listing is NOT for a private room. It is for one twin sized bed in our sun room i.e. a shared room. **This area is the open area behind the fireplace in the living room.** The dorm room, which is co-ed accommodates 2 in total (i.e. 1 bunk bed). Dorm Bed 5 is a TOP bunk bed. Each reservation for Bunk 5 can only be made for 1 guest (i.e. Bunk 5 accommodates only ONE guest). The other bed in this sunroom is listed individually as Dorm Bed 6 (bottom of Bunk 3 in sunroom). ***In addition to the shared sunroom (shared because there is a wall with two openings on either side to the living room, not offering 100% privacy, our residence contains 5 private rooms which hold a maximum of 2 guests each and an addition dorm room that has 2 more bunkbeds. The other shared spaces in our residence include 1 bathroom (2 bathrooms total in house), a kitchen, laundry area, and a living area.

You will have a locker available for your use, that is numbered in a corresponding manner to your bunk. You will need to bring your own lock if you want to use these lockers.

We have key code entry for your convenience to the house. We have key code entry for your convenience to the house. The Record House is a unique older home, giving a comfy Southern hospitality feel! We are a low-key hostel, for those travelers on a budget looking for a quick stay at a place with basic amenities. We are not for those who are seeking a luxury experience, but do provide access to laundry facilities, a kitchen with basic stock equipped, including a do-it-yourself breakfast supply of coffee, tea, oatmeal and fresh fruit.

Offered amenities:
-free wi-fi, including an extension so the the whole house can experience fast speed internet
-free laundry units on site. We also supply the detergent at no extra cost
-ironing board an iron
-self-serve breakfast mentioned above
-full-cooking access, pots and pans, utensils, dishware, fridge access, stove, microwave, freezer, coffee pot, coffee mugs
-upstairs Private rooms have their own private a/c window unit in each room (4, 5, and 6)
-towels, soaps, and mini shampoos are provided on your bed at check-in
-earplugs in case other guests are being loud
-small, numbered lockers corresponding to bunk bed numbers to store your belongings (must provide your own lock)
-record player and vinyls to jam to so some classic tunes during your down-time
-two dining room tables, a furnished living room if you want to mingle with other guests
-working heat // extra blankets for those especially chilly nights
-mattress pad covers to prevent bed bugs and provide extra peace of mind at night
-wine cork

No smoking inside please! Guests may smoke outside, away from the front door to be respectful to non-smokers

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Memphis, Tennessee, Amerika Syarikat

The Record House Memphis is located in a safe neighborhood in Midtown Memphis. We are about a 15 minute drive to downtown, about 30 minutes to Germantown, Collierville, Cordova, Bartlett, Southaven, or the airport (give or take a few minutes for traffic and route take). We are a few minutes from the center of Midtown, the place to be!

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    The Record House is like a self-serve hotel. I take a hands-off approach to hosting so you can feel like the place is really yours. The door requires a code to access the house which you will be given upon booking confirmation. We do have one on-site manager who comes in to clean and check on the place during the middle of the day between guest check-in/out.
    The Record House is like a self-serve hotel. I take a hands-off approach to hosting so you can feel like the place is really yours. The door requires a code to access the house whi…
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