Sweet Yoga space...!writing, reading, sitting area......color! One of the places guest chat.
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My enchanting double wall adobe home sits over looking the mountains 10 minutes to downtown at the end of Old Santa fe Trail nestled in a old village. You will not find a more relaxing and peaceful place. The feeling is soft and happy and outside the mountains are right there.
HARRY'S ROADHOUSE REST. is 5 minutes down the road, best food in town, whole foods & Trader Joe's are 5 minutes from Harrys, it is a little town, you can get anywhere in 10 to 15 minutes.
Eat.Pray.Love..Seek Joy...!


My goal here was to create a soft nest of sorts, kinda dreamy. A quiet place to get away from a very busy world and RELAX, take it easy...!
I did my best to create a warm, colorful, earthy feel that would be pure cozy! This is what I love doing, creating these soft spaces infused with love.

My home is 5 minutes away from Harry's road house restaurant and sits at the end of old santa fe trail nestled at the edge of the mountains in the old village. The sun and moon rise out your door and the peace here is real. You will not find any hotel that feels like this, the level of detail work is so beautiful and unique.

My home is perfect for a couple wanting something very special. It also has worked for a family of 4 or 6. 2 or 3 couples have stayed here many times. I've had 3 generations of one family stay here and groups of friends. I've had many groups of college students and THEY have been fun! This whole experience has been so much fun!

This is a beautiful, intimate and fun home around 1250 s.f. in the back of my larger adobe home. It is separated by a locked door and a long hallway, I can never hear anything, mud walls help. It feels like a intimate beautiful suite at some wonderful Inn in at the edge of the mountains that has everything you'll need for a pleasant visit. It is pure and authentic Santa fe style. All the ceiling's reflect the building style, beams and decking, viga's and decking, viga's and latia's, shifting ceiling heights, italian plastered walls that glow, wood floors all are for softness. Chances are you'll never hear or see me unless you want to. I am hardly here.

This sweet home has 5 rooms, The kitchen which I made out of the sun room is like a galley kitchen, I set up the sink in the master bath to do dishes and a oven is the only thing it does not have. The master bedroom and sitting area are quite colorful and soft, guest often hang out in the sitting room. The Magic room is the second bedroom, it is also used has a TV room, yoga and mediation room, it also has like the master bedroom a very nice desk to do work. The master bath and sauna have everything you will want. There is also plenty of closet space and dressers. There is also the 3rd bed which is a queen futon that you can move anywhere.
In the kitchen there is a counter, mini fridge, microwave, hot plate, toaster oven and all the things you'll need to cook or warm food up.

There is also a coffee and tea bar in the sitting area of the master bedroom. There is a good selection of teas and coffee and some yummy dark chocolate. I am in love with delicious coffee, teas and dark chocolate!

There is a excellent wood burning stove in the master bedroom and in the winter I will have a fire going for you upon your arrival.
You have your own private entrance and your own courtyard. I will tell you were the key is hidden. If you need anything in my kitchen just ask or if you want to wash clothes please feel free to use the laundry room.
You have access to all the outside areas like the large portal over looking the mountains, the large yard, basketball court and kids play set.

So if you want a really quiet beautiful place to call home for a little while with walls that glow and want to see the sun rise over the mountains and a night sky filled with stars my place is what you may be looking for. People often tell me they have not had a sleep like this in years....I think it's a combination of the tranquilly and the Japanese mattresses that have no metal in them, they are thick and so comfy.

You can tell by the photo's, the details in this house are so beautiful. The walls are all italian plaster, shipped over from Italy, the colors are all hand made and very earthy and warm. Every inch of this home was built by hand and my company actually did all the renovation and every inch of the finishes. I created the entire pallet of color and texture. I did these same finishes in my home that we did in other homes for clients who's homes where featured in Architectual digest.
You will find the photo's don't lie and why all the reviews are so kind.
If you need anything at all, just ask me, I am your very appreciative host!


James Bohlman

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You have your own courtyard entry to your private entrance. I will tell you where the key is. Your free to use anything in my kitchen and free to use any outdoor space.

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Naturally I will help you with anything you may want to know. Please look at my guidebook info, I have listed many of my favorite places to go!

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This house is a double wall adobe, 35 years old and one of John Wolfs first custom homes he has built in Santa Fe. They did it old school where all the wood was muled out of the forest and carved on the property. All the ceilings are either vigas, beams or latillas. All the mud bricks where made here for the walls. When I move in 8 years ago I renovated 95% of it.
The village is at the end of old santa fe trail, the road literally takes you straight into the plaza. The trail dead ends here so many folks do not know about our laid back authentic village. Not much has changed in 300 years. The old santa fe trail use to come thru the village many years ago. Harrys roadhouse the local place to eat is 5 minutes away, the food is fresh and delicious! Cafe Fina is 5 minutes in the other direction. 5 minutes from Harry's your in town.

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Be nice if you can...

Relax and make yourself at home.....

If you smoke just step outside, no worries.

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Dog(s), cat(s) live in the house


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Profil Pengguna Shannon
Oktober 2017
This space and magical! From the tree that guards the house down to the basketball court the views of the mountains in a quiet corner of the retreat

Profil Pengguna Julia
Oktober 2017
A beautiful and quiet retreat a short drive from town.

Profil Pengguna Margo
Oktober 2017
What a wonderful place to stay! Off the beaten path and infused with all the fresh air you can breathe.

Profil Pengguna Chrissy
Oktober 2017
James' place was just as described: warm, cozy, and relaxing. We were only visiting Santa Fe for a couple days, but could have definitely stayed longer and enjoyed more time at the house. I think my childrens' favorite memory from our trip was playing the board games at the house! Thank you, once again, for the wonderful hospitality!!

Profil Pengguna Travis
Oktober 2017
James has an astounding home and is very kind to be sharing it. Loved our experience there and would highly recommend.

Profil Pengguna Treven
September 2017
Perfect for relaxing if you wanna spend the entire day at the house, it’s easy to do. You’re a few minutes from all sorts of hiking and restaurants. I found the house easy to figure out, and James was right there any time I needed him. Get ready for a great memory of Santa Fe, as its quintessentially representative of the area. The house is nestled perfectly far enough away from the noise of the city, but close enough to hop in the car and be there in 15 minutes.

Profil Pengguna Veronica
September 2017
Great place to stay!

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Amerika SyarikatTelah sertai dalam tahun September 2014
Profil Pengguna James

I am the father of two really sweet, thoughtful and kind kids. One magnificent son and one intelligent daughter providing me with great contrast to learn from who have moved on to the next phase in their lives. I say this first... for who I am is because of who they are and the joy and wisdom they have brought to my life. They are my best teachers.

I grew up 18 years in Green Bay Wisconsin at a time when life was quite simple and people treated one another with much more kindness and respect than what I see around me today or what I saw in my travels. I feel I grew up in a place were honesty, trust and your word really mattered. I feel honored to have witnessed such contrast, such change. I have to say, I had a incredibly beautiful childhood with four other sisters and brothers in a part of the world where I would learn a bullshit meter that would serve me well in the other world I was about to enter.
I had many questions about life and so I had to go see the world! I went off to college to see if I could answer some of my questions but college seemed to bring up more questions. The bullshit meter kept going off.

So being in love with everything Italian including bicycles, "Ive been a rider in the truest sense since I was 10," I worked and saved my money and flew off to Rome! I had no idea that I would be spending the next 10 years of my life living in Europe and NYC and traveling to all the places were I could ask people in temples and many others my questions. For what ever the reason then I was compelled by my curiosity to learn about everyone else's belief systems and their so beautifully different cultures. After literally being a part of history," I was in Prague and East Berlin when the people choose another belief system to follow," I witnessed 50 years of slavery ending thru ought eastern Europe. After all that it was time to come back, because all along my journey the answers to our questions had my bullshit meter going off inside of me......

The big question in a big country was where to go.....another road trip to get to know my country with much experience behind me in what I was attracted to.

And then one day while I was driving I stopped my car and saw a sky like I had never seen....outside Santa fe New Mexico...I choose to stay! I had no idea I was about to become a father, no idea I was going to settle here and start my own company, no idea...!

What I so appreciate and love about Santa fe and northern New Mexico with the Colorado rockies so close is all the magical contrast I had come to love in the living of my life in different parts of the world. The light here at 7500 feet creates skylines everyday were it sometimes feels like 50,000 years ago, and you just stop and stare at the sky and feel like writing poetry, reading Rumi. You can drive in any direction here in 60 minutes and the landscape changes dramatically, one moment it feels like your in the french alps then the next your looking into canyons full of the most beautiful shades of red you have ever seen. And for a city this size in this country, the architecture, the history, the art, the music, the talent, the diversity, the food, this epic landscape and light...and then their are the people here, the history is rich..! This has been my home for over the last 20 years..... I am very appreciative and like all places Ive lived in the world, Santa fe has been very good to me and my family!

Simply said....I love all of life and I love my life...I am so appreciative of everything I am creating and experiencing and just feel a immense amount of joy to be alive on the planet earth, this is quite the place...!

I am into way to many things to list here...suffice to say..avid cyclist, road and mountain..I am addicted it appears to riding my bike over every mountain pass in front of me. The mountains in Colorado are my playground, I love music, the book, movies, NATURE, food and cooking and the world of thought.....thought and emotion...thought and the feeling....the thought of.....what do you believe...who are you really ...!

A tiny bit of my doing.........After many typical illegal jobs from cleaning tables to picking grapes I ended up spending 10 years working in the high Art world and became a independent Art director in Europe and NYC in the world of another art and fashion and always my different ideas for print media.
Here in Santa fe I created and owned for 15 years my interior finishing company with 25 full time employees, creating physical beauty with italian plaster and antique finishes in some of the most amazing homes I've ever seen. Then 2008 happened...perfect opportunity to change...!

Only one way to say it......10 years ago I decided to go on a love affair with myself and see if I could find joy appeared that I lost it.....and I wanted joy back..... that is how I created this next chapter in my life. I had more questions.

After the economic crash I closed down my company and I had some of the biggest questions in my life so I wanted to learn about how the inside of our human being bodies work, physically. I wanted to know why there appeared to be a epidemic amount of sickness and people not feeling good. These bodies are designed like miracles is what I discovered, so I changed my eating, I changed my movements, I changed my thoughts and then I changed my belief system and that's when my feelings about me changed. I had so many people coming up to me about my change I thought it would be fun to help others with what I learned and applied.

So I spent the next 3 years teaching clients what I learned only to realize there was more to the picture than meets the eye and I could not teach what I knew, what I felt was really going on. People are having a hard time loving who they are, loving their life, loving self.. I realized everyone is creating there own experience based upon what they believe, and what most of us are taught to believe in in my opinion is a very limited belief system that keeps most people separated from self and separated from everyone else and feeling like they have to prove there self worth to themselves and everyone around them when they could believe through another thought they are the embodiment of love, of pure joy! I learned belief systems are taught and are based upon what people think about and that whatever someone is thinking and believing is the experience they are wanting( by default) and that experience has a emotion with it and getting in touch with that emotion is everything. You're feelings are your best teacher, because what I learned is how you FEEL about yourself is everything. That cannot be taught, that all happens in the life experience we are all individually creating. This is how I proved to clients what I learned was true.
I use to go to the playgrounds at schools with clients to watch children play and laugh and create fun out of no where to remind them that before they where taught all there limited belief systems that separated them from them, they where also just like these kids......Pure Joy.....!

Questions were finally being answered. I stopped the work with my clients. I decided I was going to do my best, give everything I have in my tool boxes to give people a home to RELAX and enjoy there life....enjoy themselves...!

That is how I created my home has a AIR BNB........I realized I had created a magical home in a beautiful setting that seemed to RELAX people, CALM the soul, bring some HAPPY with my unique style infused with much LOVE....that doing this for others brings me a lot of happy a lot of joy...! So being a joy seeker I am going to be doing more of this bringing relax, relief, any home you stay in that I own.

So obviously I have really enjoyed being a AIR host...the entire experience has been pretty sweet, very rich, maybe because I have had the most incredible people stay at my home, between their kids and dogs...all the stories....the best stuff in life..! Life is so beautiful...!!!

People have been so respectful and nice, I have been so fortunate! I am deeply appreciative! And AIR, they have been just the best company to deal with..straight up the the way I like it.

In joy....

James Bohlman

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