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“The small village of Ancient Corinth, with its great archaeological site and few permanent residents, is very close to the modern city of Corinth and to the shadow of an arid castle. The Acrocorinth Castle is visible from afar on the steep rock and is accessible only from Ancient Corinth. The truth is that once you get to Corinth, but almost everywhere you go, you've got the Acrocorinthian rock. Even when you don't see him! It stands lonely, lonely, with the oldest castle in Greece at its peak. The image of the rock from afar exudes a real sense of power, cruelty, domination. But also loneliness. It looks so cut off from the rest of the environment. The car reaches the entrance to the castle where there is plenty of parking space and a cafe open all year. The distance from Ancient Corinth is very short (3 km) and there are signs in the village after the archaeological site. A heavy gate leads into the interior of the castle. Parts of the ancient pre-Christian wall, Byzantine era, Frankish, Venetian and Turkish rule are distinguished. Remains of churches, mosques, houses. Fountains and tanks are preserved behind the second and third enclosures.  On the castle paths we observe that the fortification is secured by a system of three enclosures separated by towers fortified with walls. At the highest of the two peaks of the hill, the remains of the Temple of Aphrodite are preserved, replacing a later Christian temple and a mosque. The second peak, at the southwestern tip of the cliff, was fortified during the Franks period and constituted the inner citadel of the fortress. According to mythology, the rock of the Acrocorinth was the favorite place of the god Helios, since he first received its golden rays every morning. At its highest peak was the throne 'Helios', which he later granted to Venus. Today, the castle is brightly lit at night and all its legendary moments tell their story in the shadows. (Go in the morning to have time to walk to the castle with your peace of mind. Free admission. Wear indoor sneakers and bring water with you during your visit.)”
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History Museum
“Ancient Corinth -one of the most powerful cities of the Classical world- is an important archaeological site, which has revealed many great finds.”
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“A family run taverna that provides authentic greek food and is popular with the locals”
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Tapak Bersejarah
“Ancient Corinth was one of the largest and most important cities of Greece.”
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“The temple on the rocky plateau is identified with the Temple of Apollo mentioned in the sources. The original temple dating from the early 7th to the early 6th century BC. It was made of stone, bricks and wooden beams and carried a heavy and intricate quadruple roof made of clay tiles. It was probably a simple construction without exterior columns, but in another sense it was circumstantial. During the middle of the 6th century BC, a double-storied Doric temple was erected on the site of the destroyed original building. It was surrounded by six columns on the narrow sides and fifteen on the long sides, and was oriented on the A-D axis. The main building consists of a pronao and a rear, with two columns in the wall, and a nave with two compartments, separated by a transverse concrete wall with a possible intermediate opening. The western room identifies with a vault. Two rows of columns ran through the two chambers of the nave, but were removed in Roman times when the church was radically renovated. Part of the east wing was destroyed by the erection of the Ottoman Bey's residence in Corinth.”
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“The veranda at Themis place is the best to have a drink overlooking the corinthian golf”
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