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“The Cathedral is the largest Gothic Church in the low countries. This church is more than just a museum filled with treasures. It is still a active place of worship. ”
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Muzium Seni
“The Rubens House is one of the most renowned artist's residences worldwide. nowned artist's residences worldwide. The permanent collection contains a large number of works by the master himself and by his peers and contemporaries. The museum also has works on loan, as well as recent acquisitions and updates about works that are being restored.”
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“Antwerp is famous for its fashion industry. This museum is located in the centre of the fashion industry and shows past and present of fashion in Antwerp.”
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“Little street lined up with loads of antique / furniture / nicknack stores. Also open every Sunday from noon onwards.”
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“The square "Grote Markt" is the center of the historical center of Antwerp. It's a beautiful square with the town hall. Stroll around in the surrounding streets to see historic Antwerp.”
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Kelab Jaz
“Daily live jazz music, great beer selection and decent wines, very original decor. A must in Antwerp”
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“Club right in the middle of the red light district of Antwerp. As the club attracts a wide audience, it's a pretty safe choice for a night out. ”
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“Together with the Nationalestraat, the center of the fashion district. De Kammenstraat has several smaller authentic clothing stores.”
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Pusat Membeli-Belah
“This shopping mall is situated inside the historical city dancehall and exhibition space. Don’t forget to look at the beautiful ceiling. ”
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“This place always makes me want to drink Hot chocolate, but actually it has some great food and drinks. In a super cozy setting.”
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Panggung Wayang Indie
“Cute art-house cinema with international movies, hidden right in the middle of the touristic center. You can have a drink at the bar first, and then take your drink along with you once the movie starts. ”
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“Every Saturday from 8 till 15u: international market with multicultural food. locals go there to eat "kroket" and drnik a glass of wine. Nice atmosphere.”
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“Local boutiques that sell Belgian designers and other big international designers. ”
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“In this neighborhood you will find all the designer shops and a lot of restaurants.”
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“Het Steen is the oldest building in Antwerp. It will be used as tourist information Office in the future. ”
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“This is the gateway to the historic centre of Antwerp, a grand square with the statue of Rubens on it and the cathedral only a stones throw away.”
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Restoran paling popular

“Beautiful building and theatre house. You can enjoy a drink in the incredible foyer. ”
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“Enjoy your brunch or lunch. They serve typical Belgian bread with different spreads. ”
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“sushi restaurant with as well sashimi, nigiri, sushi, hoso maki, temaki, futo maki
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“This place is for the Indian food lover! This is Indian food, just like in India ( we've travelled a lot to Inia and never found an authentic place like this one in Antwerp before). The buffet ( only 10€!) is great, but you can also order a la carte, plenty of choices! Very popular place! Walk-in but during weekends if more than 2, reserve (or wait)”
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Restoran Falafel
“The best falafel in town with an extraordinary salad bar, delicious potato wedges and choice of sauces!”
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Restoran Itali
“Located on the big square next to the beautiful city hall, this is one of the best Italian restaurants in town. ”
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“Don't leave Antwerp without having tried the famous Belgian Brussels waffles at this place. Crispy outside, soft & moist on the inside: don't put anything else on it except powdered sugar or whipped cream. Take it to go: it's much cheaper plus the area is nice to stroll around! Can't get enough of the Belgian sweets? Try the super delicious Smoutebollen - fried dough balls - or a Lacquemant - a thin waffle coated with caramelised sugar. Enjoy! ”
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“Sharings also a lot of great vegetarian dishes that will rock your tastebuds, don't forget to take some dessert”
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