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Cadangan popular daripada penduduk tempatan

Daripada bersiar-siar hingga perkara luar biasa yang tidak diketahui ramai, ketahui keunikan bandar ini dengan bantuan penduduk tempatan yang paling arif tentangnya.
“Convivial neighbourhood boozer with hearty pub grub and traditional Irish music every night. ”
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French-influenced cuisine in a casual environment
“French restaurant- Stylish and casual wood filled dining room for European influenced food and freshly made cocktails.”
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Place to shop
“Tesco Express is a small version of a regular Tesco. Though is is handy, it has a limited ranged of foods and does not have many of the Tesco own brand products. Best for grabbing milk and bread, Tesco Express along Talbot Street is handy and convenient to grab those few key products you need.”
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Tempat Muzik
“Homemade unpretentious delicious authentic Irish food. Very good value for money”
  • 5 orang tempatan mengesyorkan
“North Dublin hub off of O'Connoll Street. Talbot street offers an eclectic mix of shops. It's usually always bustling with people. ”
  • 5 orang tempatan mengesyorkan
“This is a nice pattisserie shop that sells coffee, gorgeous cakes and pastries and gourmet sandwiches at an affordable price. I enjoy to go here myself and recommend to those who enjoy a sweet treat or looking to have a sandwich or coffee.”
  • 4 orang tempatan mengesyorkan
“Great live trad music and craic. Restaurant next door excellent too with set menu options - Le Bon Crubeen.”
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Street Address
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Kedai kasut
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Point of Interest
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