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“This magical place. Bring a book and a coffee. Watch. Learn something new. ”
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“Lots of shopping and restaurants around the area. Plus, there is a farmers market on the northwest side of the park, and a seasonal holiday market on the west side of the park. You can also find lots of street musicians and artists. ”
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Muzium Seni
“One of my favorite museums in New York! Check out the observation decks for a truly picturesque view of Manhattan.”
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“Great places to eat and cool cobblestone streets. From here walk north along the Highline or south to the West Village.”
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Kelab Comedy
“My favorite entertainment spot.A Popular place for many fame comedians who usually shows up unannounced.”
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“One of my local favs. Amazing attention to detail when it comes to the food. - Burger (3 ingredients: meat, blue cheese, and a bun. Most popular item, you'll see everyone ordering this.) - Chicken liver (pâté) on toast. Do not pass this up! - If going for brunch, get a Bloody Mary. They make them overnight and they are just wonderful. - Cask ale. Room-temperature unfiltered beer. Give it a shot, you might fall in love. I will down these things like water.”
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“Classic 1950s era speakeasy. Come here for drinks. Easy to miss, entrance right on Hudson. Order one of the classics: Manhattan, Martini, Negroni. Exceptional bartenders.”
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Kedai buku
“One of my favorite spots in all of NYC. Stacks and stacks of books old and new. ”
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“Featured on Sex and the City and was especially trendy when cupcakes were super popular.”
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Kedai Piza
“In Williamsburg and Manhattan. One of the best New York style pizza. A must go.”
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“Get lost in West Village- filled with winding streets it is iconic New York. Tons of cute bars and restaurants. I love Buvette, the Little Owl and sitting outside at Olio e Piu or Rosemary's.”
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Kelab Jaz
“underground local jazz spot with games, shuffleboard, pingpong tables, billards.”
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“The view from the Top of the Standard is amazing. As is all of the gold in the room. Expensive, but they have live jazz on the weekend.”
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Kelab malam
“Arguably the best rooftop in Manhattan, it has incredible views of the river because it's so high up!”
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Panggung Wayang Indie
“Popular venue for new indie & foreign films, shown on 5 screens, with on-premises cafe.”
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Kedai cenderamata
“The epicenter of the city's 1960s counterculture movement, the tree-lined streets of Greenwich Village are now a hub of popular cafes, bars and restaurants. Jazz clubs and Off-Broadway Theaters can also be found amid the brownstones and New York University buildings. At its heart is Washington Square Park, where people mingle around the central plaza. Rainbow flags attest to the neighborhood's LGBT-friendly vibe.”
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