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“Dine at the floating restaurant while cruising Loboc River and be entertained with folk dances and Filipino Songs”
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Nature Preserve
“Home of the known smallest monkey in the world almost same as palm size and can rotate head at 180 degrees.”
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Place to shop
“Rent a motorbike to experience the beauty that is the Mahogany Forest. The roads wind and bend making for a seriously fun ride. The roads are nicely paved and the traffic isn’t too heavy so even new riders can handle the journey. Park your bike on the side of the road and meander up the hill to get a closer look at the massive roots that tangle together in the soil. With the sun peering through the trees and the fresh air surrounding you- you’ll get a feeling of what Bohol is all about.”
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“If you like heights, nature, and adrenaline, you’re going to love Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park. Located near the Chocolate Hills, this adventure park offers a day full of fun. You can buy a package ticket that includes the official lunch cruise down the Loboc River but not before you fly through the jungle on your belly via a frightening, yet exhilarating zipline course. This, however, is no standard zipline that simply plunges you through the trees at speeds too fast to enjoy the view. This zipline takes you over the jungle, the river and even gives you a view of the Chocolate Hills. This is definitely a GoPro-worthy adventure.”
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“While the boat is navigatin upon the riverside, enjoy your meal watching the bieuties of thhe river”
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“Stand up paddle boarding on the lovely Loboc River and eat at the riverside cafe afterwards.”
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“Can be inserted to your countryside tours.. just tell your driver if you can go to this place, or you can rent motorbike / car to have a DIY tours. For more information searc this place on google.. ”
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Travel Agency
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