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Cadangan kedai buku popular daripada penduduk tempatan

National Park
“Beautiful ocean views and hiking trails. About an hour away from the cottage.”
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“Experience the world's highest tides, pristine forests, deluxe campgrounds and a taste of Atlantic Canada culture. Several hiking trails, kayaking, restaurants, and much more. This is a must visit during a vacation in New Brunswick.”
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“Amazing place to visit - make a day of it and see it at high tide AND low tide!”
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“Beach! Extremely busy during high season. Warmest waters North of South Carolina.”
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Pusat Membeli-Belah
“ Conveniently located in Dieppe, CF Champlain is New Brunswick's largest shopping centre. With 140 top retailers, this mall is a must stop for all your shopping needs. ”
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“This beautiful park is less than an hour away! Climb or drive to the top of Mount Battie for awesome views of Penobscot Bay and beyond.”
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“Great busy people-watching vibe. A must for craft beer drinkers and the food is fresh, local and fun. Amazing patio overlooking Main street. Catch a beer, a parmesan haddock dinner, and a live show! They have an amazing live music line up and often have show in one or more of their 3 venues. ***Steph has worked here for 7 years so this review is biased :) Ask for more info! ”
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Kilang Bru
“Local brewery. Bar - restaurant with good food and beverage located right in downtown.”
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Kedai Piza
“Barncastle is the go-to restaurant and bar in the area. It's located in an old renovated castle-looking house, and has a bar in front, restaurant with great pizza etc. in back (with reasonable prices), and an inn on the second floor. They sometimes have live music in the restaurant.”
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“Beautiful views of Mt. Katahdin, boating, hiking, nature walks, wild life, Stop in Millinocket and check out the local artisits and specialty shops before you head up, well worth the stop!”
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“Right on the water! Sometimes you'll see the lobster boats pulling up and you know you can't get much fresher than that! ”
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Restoran Vegetarian / Vegan
“Delicious homemade savory and sweet pastries and breads, unique sandwiches, fresh produce. A busy, fun spot. Cool atmosphere.”
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Panggung Wayang Indie
“Only movie theatre on Mt. Desert Island. Features current movies and typically has one movie for children.”
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“Restaurant/Bar/Music Venue. Nice decor. Cozy and quiet by day, this place can get very busy and packed with people on Friday and Saturday night.”
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“The hike out takes 1 hr 15 mins (approx). Take a lunch and enjoy the sights”
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Galeri Seni
“The Capitol Theatre in downtown Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada is an 800-seat, restored 1920s-era vaudeville house on Main Street that serves as the centre for cultural entertainment for the city. Designed by René-Arthur Fréchet in 1920, it was rebuilt by Fréchet in 1926 after it burned.”
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