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Daripada bersiar-siar hingga perkara luar biasa yang tidak diketahui ramai, ketahui keunikan bandar ini dengan bantuan penduduk tempatan yang paling arif tentangnya.
“Less than 10 minutes away, Fort Knox is one of the best-preserved military fortifications on the New England seacoast. It has a great history behind it, and there are several public events hosted there every year. If you are visiting in October, Fright at the Fort is an annual favorite - think Haunted House meets historic fort......spooky to say the least.”
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“View this bridge from the Bucksport waterfront about 20 minutes south of the Cottage, and drive to the far side at the Fort Knox area and go up into the highest bridge observatory in the WORLD! Great views await at the top. ”
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Natural Feature
“Mt Waldo is a great little mountain close enough for a solid day or even half day hike up and down the mountain!”
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Point of Interest
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“ucksport House of Pizza is the closest pizza place. There is no pizza delivery to Surry.”
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“The Meadow Farm HRS Sanctuary comprises 475 acres of abandoned farmland in the form of woods, rolling hills, and dry and wet meadows. ”
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“Nothing quite like a 300-year old granite fort built to defend against the French, then the British, then the Germans –”
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Point of Interest
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Tozier's is a friendly family-run variety store that offers very good made-to-order sandwiches. And, when you're there, ask for 'Terry' (he's my beloved brother!)”
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