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“This place is touristy but you can eat local Thai dishes by Rawai beachfront. It's a nice atmosphere.”
  • 43 orang tempatan mengesyorkan
Kedai Burger
“The Sea Gypsies Fish Market in Rawai Beach offers the freshest of seafood and the guarantee that your purchase is going to benefit the local community and family-run businesses. Featuring a broad sele”
  • 23 orang tempatan mengesyorkan
“Fresh local seafood you can purchase and then choose you restaurant to have it cooked to you liking. ”
  • 26 orang tempatan mengesyorkan
“It is a seafood market you can buy fish, crab, lobster or any seafood you like and let the restaurant cook for you. ”
  • 9 orang tempatan mengesyorkan
Kedai Burger
  • 2 orang tempatan mengesyorkan
Restoran Makanan Laut
“lovely ambience, water front, sweetly decorated restaurant. Fish made in so many ways at a reasonable price! Very friendly owner who often treat regulars and groups to appetisers. Bring insect repellant. This is afterall Thailand!”
  • 1 orang tempatan mengesyorkan
Kedai Burger
  • 1 orang tempatan mengesyorkan

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