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“Fresh fruits and vegetables , locally produced diary - fresh cow and goat milk, whey, yogurt, "kajmak" double cream (extra fat), fresh and smoked cheese, (we are not great cheese makers, but check out little cone-shaped cheese for €0,5), free range chicken, fish and sea food, extra quality halal cow meat, veal and lamb meat so young you have no chance to taste back home, variety of smoked meat, sausages, bacon produced locally, rolling tobacco from Herzegovina, herbs (mainly for tea). In a part of market you can buy some cheap clothes mainly from China and Turkey and get a great dill on second hand books and comics.”
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Book Store
“In case you need a great read, the staff from this bookstore can help you make the right choice. It has books in local language mostly, but there is also a moderate number of books in other languages.”
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