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Makanan dan restoran di Universal City

Restoran paling popular

“Great place to walk, shop, and play. Get a HOLLYWOOD feeling with the magic of this place. I grew up here and there are often live musicians/entertainers, fun things for adults/kids, huge movie theater. There is a free tram that takes you up from Lankershim street and the bus station. BUT BEWARE PARKING IN THE BUS PARKING LOT (they will give tickets. Youre better off taking uber/lyft or take lankershem south of Ventura blvd finding a street with no signs (1nice 10 min walk through the neighborhood. ”
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“Great spot for dinner and drinks! Also, they have a great happy hour and brunch. Walkable from your accommodations.”
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Kedai Burger
“Most of my guests love eating here, although I'd suggest Fat Burger instead which is close by. ”
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Restoran Itali
“Italian food with a Hollywood flare. Lots of old Hollywood pics on the walls and singing waiters.”
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Restoran Thai
“Right in my neighborhood! Very fresh and yummy. I love their lunch specials, but great for dinner too! Quiet and Romantic for dinner.”
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“Walk the area.. Has indoor sky diving, killer shopping spots and restaurants that meet or exceed every taste. Reasonable and right next to the theme park.”
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Tempat Makan
“Great for breakfast, family owned, moderately priced and delicious egg's benedict and home fries. Locals know it's great, so you may have to wait a few minutes for a table. ”
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Restoran Mediterranean
“Great Mid East food, relaxed atmosphere and great prices. Very local hangout. ”
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“Rock ’n’ roll-themed chain with a high-energy vibe serving burgers & American classics.”
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“This is actually a Specialty's Bakery shop (with cookies, desserts, and lunch food) combined with a Peet's Coffee shop. It's only open on the weekdays and frequented by employees at NBC / Universal. Not many people know about it.”
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“One of the best (and only) Vegan / raw / vegetarian restaurants close by. Try the kale OR strawberry smoothie, any desserts and quinoa mac and cheese and more.”
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Kedai roti dan kek

“Originated in Portland, Oregon. They have now opened this overnight sensation in the City Walk. Bring a few back for me please! Try the bacon maple bar!”
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