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Gedung Serbaneka
“You can find almost anything at Galeries Lafayette. A good place to experience French shopping at it's best. ”
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Kedai Ais Krim
“Great ice cream, unusual flavors such as lavender, ginger, speculos, nutella, etc...”
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“• Trees, shrubs, plants from all continents have given an appointment along this walk. The agency Péna Landscapes is the Project Manager of this achievement. Thanks to the magic of a Mediterranean climate, which left their characteristics in many habitats worldwide, the Promenade invites to a botanical trip without jetlag, with promises of flowering trees each season. • Des arbres, arbustes, plantes de tous les continents se sont donnés rendez-vous le long de cette promenade. L’agence Péna Paysages est le Maître d’œuvre de cette réalisation. Grâce à la magie d’un climat méditerranéen, dont on retrouve les caractéristiques dans de nombreux biotopes à travers le monde, la Promenade invite à un voyage botanique sans décalage horaire, avec des promesses d’arbres en fleurs à chaque saison.modifier ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Just down the street and conveniently located next to the fish market in Nice, you can usually find this open most times in case you run out of milk! ”
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Kedai Kopi
“They make awesome bagels, and for just 5.50 you can treat yourself to a salmon-avo-cream cheese dream in a cool coffee-house atmosphere. There’s one at the Port, rue Albertini, and Vieux Nice at Palais de Justice. …Oh, and don’t forget dessert!”
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“Five generations of Auer confectioners and chocolatiers have been tickling our taste buds since 1820. ”
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Restoran Perancis
“Ouvert de 11H00 à 23H30 Brasserie de grande qualité avec une belle terrasse N"hésitez pas à venir de notre part et à demander Fred ”
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“Best cake shop in town. Chocolate cakes to die for ! Macaroons, Religieuses, Raspberry tarts... Meilleur pâtissier de la ville.”
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Pusat membeli-belah

Pusat Membeli-Belah
“The famous french department store. It is sometimes also opened at Sundays.”
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Pusat Membeli-Belah
“Lovely to walk around the flower market (morning). You can take the free escalator (or walk!) to the exotic gardens to enjoy the view over Nice. Walk to Place Massena and run through the fountains. ”
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