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Sewaan percutian di Menofia Governorate

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Sewaan percutian berpenarafan tinggi di Menofia Governorate

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Ibrahim room
Bilik persendirian · 2 tetamu · 1 katil · 1 bilik mandi peribadi

Ibrahim roomComfort room for guests

Nice Apartment on the second floor Sadat City
Seluruh unit sewa · 4 tetamu · 4 katil · 2 bilik mandi

Nice Apartment on the second floor Sadat CityVery nice apartment in second floor Very big about 130M Near from market and from many restraints

Seluruh penginapan kediaman · 4 tetamu · 4 katil · 2 bilik mandi

LUX2 balcony number: 2 x 10 meters With luggage, super lux A balcony door on the rockery. One rockery in the corner. Intercom. The apartment is in Villa Doreen only

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  • Kediaman
  • Hotel
  • Penginapan unik

Kemudahan popular untuk sewaan percutian di Menofia Governorate

  • Dapur
  • Wifi
  • Kolam
  • Tempat letak kereta percuma di premis
  • Pendingin hawa

Sewaan percutian hebat yang lain di Menofia Governorate

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  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. Kafr Al Amar
Kafr Al Amar Home with a stunning view
RM106 semalam
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  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. El Sadat City Desert
Nice apartment in Sadat city
RM148 semalam
  1. Seluruh vila
  2. EG
The Happy Villa
RM846 semalam
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  1. Penginapan ladang
  2. El-Shohada City
Farm villa
RM190 semalam
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  1. Bilik persendirian
  2. Al Qalyubia Governorate
Manshat El amar
RM42 semalam
Belum ada ulasan lagi
  1. Seluruh penginapan kediaman
  2. Sadat City
Private house with private entrance, Sadat city
RM42 semalam
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  1. Bilik persendirian
  2. Kaherah
RM63 semalam
Belum ada ulasan lagi
  1. Bilik persendirian
  2. Abou Ghaleb
The Palm villa
RM1,485 semalam
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  1. Seluruh penginapan kediaman
  2. Sadat City
Private house one floor with private entrance
RM63 semalam
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  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. تلوانة
Tilwana House
RM1,688 semalam

Aktiviti popular yang boleh dilakukan di Menofia Governorate

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • ATV Quad bike pyramids car Wi-Fi food
    you will have fun by riding a Quad bike at Giza around the pyramids in the desert " SAFARI". From the Egyptian village close to SAHRA DISRET WE DRINK BEDUEN TEA AND SMOKING SHISHA WITH BREAKFAST ITS INCLUDING this tour includes transportation with WIFI from your accommodation in Giza, pyramids area and downtown, after picking you up i will give you some details about the history of Egypt and the pyramids when we arrive to Giza plateau and the sphinx upon arrival, you will have an instructions about how to ride the quad bike then you will enjoy your trip by getting inside the desert of the pyramids and seeing the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren , Mekerinos and zooming in when you get deeper in the desert. after finishing our tour we will visit the museum of papyrus and returning you back to your accommodation. Other things to note Riding a quad is one hour. and included transportation by A/C car , professional guide, water bottle for each person, papyrus museum , perfume palace * Drinks included * waifai in the car
    Dari Harga:RM149 / orang
  • ⚡DAY TRIP Camel,Pyramids,Breakfast⚡
    THE TOUR IS FOR 4 HOURS NOT FOR 1 HOUR. i will pick you up from your accommodation in Giza or downtown Cairo. then we will take our Egyptian breakfast then we will start our trip to Giza plateau to see Giza pyramids, we will see the pyramid of king cheops "one from the 7 wonders of the world" and will explain why", pyramid of king khefren , pyramid of king Mykerinos and 6 subsidiary pyramids for queens. i will explain everything about the area and it's contains. also i will explain for you how they built the pyramids and discovering some secrets of the area, we will see the pyramid of queen hetepheres "the mother of king Cheops" then we will enter some private tombs around the pyramids then you will take a tour with a camel ride which is amazing experience you will never forget it, then we will go to see the panoramic view for the 9 pyramids and taking wonderful pictures from there. then we will go to the mortuary temple of mummification of king kefren then we will go to know the story of the sphinx. then we will go to the museum of papyrus to see the ancient Egyptians perfection of making paper from papyrus plant. Other things to note *TICKETS IS NOT INCLUDED*. THE TOUR IS for 4 HOURS not 1 hour if you saw the days is not available or booked just send a message for me and i will arrange a tour for you.
    Dari Harga:RM127 / orang
  • Giza pyramids & Saqqara & Memphis city
    Your guide will pick you up from your accommodation in downtown Cairo or Giza pyramids between 8 to 9 am and we can manage that together. we will start out tour with an introduction about the history of the pyramids in Egypt, then we will start the sightseeing. We will start by visiting Saqqara, where is the step pyramid of zoser. Then we will go to Memphis (The old capital of Egypt ) and there you can see the colossi statue of king Ramses 2nd. Moving To Giza pyramids where you can see 9 pyramids of the 4 th dynasty, and the most important one is the pyramid of king Cheops. After that we will go to the Sphinx, visiting the temple of Chephren and know the secrets of mummification. During the tour feel free to ask your guide to stop for food at any local restaurant or touristic one. we will go to the papyrus factory to see how the ancient Egyptians convert the plant to paper. Note : Tickets are not included Food is not included Tipping is Extra Other things to note the English tour is avaliable every day ,if you need any language other then English please ask me before booking the tour The tickets isn't included Saqqara complex ticket ( 180 EGP ) Giza pyramids ( 200EGP ) Great Pyramid of Cheops ( 400EGP ) optional * Memphis mit rahina museum ( 80 EGP)
    Dari Harga:RM212 / orang
  • Egyptian family day
    Like the English archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the treasures of the Pharaoh, King Tut in Luxor in 1922, you will discover the NON TOURISTY image of Egypt with your Egyptian family. ✅ You will experience the local Egyptian life at our home ( BEIT EL ELLA, the family home ) like a member family. ✅ I & my wife will start our experience by showing you the daily Egyptian breakfast (Favs beans , FUUL) and how to eat it with our Baladi bread . ✅ You will see how to prepare and brew your Turkish coffee on an old alcohol burner. ✅ It is cool to share some Egyptian cultural aspects such a the speedy delivery basket to get your stuff from downstairs and why the Egyptians don't use the paper toilets ! ✅ You will learn how to write out your name and the names of your beloved ones in Arabic . Our online experience is: ✅ Great for groups ✅ Great for team-building
    Dari Harga:RM30 / orang
  • Tajweed Al - Quran
    Join me, on a one-on-one session, in the comfort of your own home and convenience of your schedule, to learn all about Tajweed. Tajweed is the proficient Arabic recitation of Al-Quran while observing the correct pronunciation of every letter along with the rulings and characteristics which apply to it. Tajweed preserves the meaning of each word in sound and expression. During the first 30 minutes, you will be introduced to the phonetics (Makharij Al-Huroof) and characteristics of letters (Sifat Al- Huroof). This will essentially enable you to take better control of your pronunciation. We will then spend the remaining time reciting from Al-Quran while learning and applying the foundational rules of Tajweed: Al-Laam Al-Shamseyah Al-Laam Al-Qamareyah Al-Noon Rules Al-Meem Rules Ahkaam Al-Madd (Madd Rules) Al-Idghaam (combining of letters) Al-Iqlab (converting of one letter into another) Al-Ikhfa' (silent letters) Al-Qalqalah (sound articulation of a letter) Tafkheem and Tarqeeq All ages (8 years and up) and levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced) are welcome. No prior knowledge of Arabic is required for this activity. Other things to note Much of the session is going to be interactive and therefore a one-on-one booking for this experience is highly recommended. Having said that, hosting a small group of 2-3 is possible but will lead to each person getting less reading time.
    Dari Harga:RM64 / orang